Learn to Cold Four-Bet Bluff with Newest Poker Strategy Video

Cold four-betting is one of the strongest pre-flop lines in poker.

The cold four-bet is a powerful bluffing technique and you can learn it in less than three minutes with our latest strategy video.

A cold four bet is when one player has raised, another has re-raised, and you come in with another re-raise as your first action in the hand.

It can be a really effective move but to do it right you have to remember three things:

#1 – Cold four betting as a bluff works best against loose aggressive opponents who are raising with a really wide range of hands.

#2 – The more solid your table image, the more credit your opponents will give your four-bet, so if you're a tight aggressive player this is a great move to mix in when the conditions are right.

#3 – To be effective as a bluff your four-bet has to be big enough to push your opponents out of the hand, usually 25 big blinds is about right.

Cold Four-Betting in Tournaments

Cold four-betting as a bluff is particularly useful in tournaments and it's a great way to make use of a 25-big-blind stack.

These days players are raising and re-raising a really wide range of hands and by cold-four betting as a bluff you can increase your stack in a big way, even if you can't pick up a big hand.

When you're playing deep-stacked, cold-four betting as a bluff is a great way to balance your four-betting range.

It's important for your opponents to know that just because you're re-raising, it doesn't mean you have aces or kings every time.

Then, the next time you're four-betting with a monster, your opponents will be more likely to pay you off with a weaker hand.

Check out the full video below:

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