Leaderboard Rundown: Big moves at PokerStars

Who's got game?

With all the different poker sites on the Web and all the different ways to rank players, it can be hard to determine who the top players in tournament poker are in the online poker world.

PokerListings will attempt to identify some of them with a monthly look at the players topping the tournament leaderboards at four major poker sites: PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, PartyPoker and Everest Poker. You can check back here the first Tuesday of every month to see how the players stack up.

November saw player rankings in tournament leaderboards at four of the top online poker rooms jostled around a bit, with a few holdovers from previous months also managing to make a showing.


PokerStars had the most volatility in November, as three out of its top five players were not even ranked last month. First-place leaderboard finisher dogsballs came out of nowhere, as did second-place Gibb Stutz and fourth-place Belabasci.

Notable player Mario "Pokerccini" Puccini managed to climb from 28th to fifth in the rankings by virtue of his win in the $22, one rebuy/one add-on event Nov. 13, second in the $32k Guaranteed Nov. 22, and second in a similar $55 one rebuy/one add-on event Nov. 30.

Place Name Points
1st dogsballs 10,672.41
2nd Gibb Stutz 7,498.49
3rd sjco22 7,230.75
4th Belabasci 7,121.62
5th Pokerccini 7,062.08

Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker saw less change, as Shawn "sprstoner" Glines held on to the top spot in the leaderboard for the second straight month, a difficult feat (perhaps especially so for someone with that alias). Winning the $80,000 Guaranteed Rebuy event on Nov. 16 for a cool $67k certainly helped.

The other players on the leaderboard made the top 200 last month and simply climbed multiple spots to get their November rankings. bethwolf22 scored another top 10 finish by climbing from 10th to third this month. Incidentally, this player also made the FTOPS X leaderboard, with 155 points.

Place Name Points
1st sprstoner 17,359.7
2nd muoi1 12,378.5
3rd bethwolf22 11,808.1
4th pflippaD12 10,216.6
5th ThatsTheGame 9,925.20


Over on PartyPoker, three players in the top 17 in October made up three of the top 5 in November, with SYMPTH4D6VIL being the only player to lose ground - but only one spot, falling from second to third. OmarComingYo moved up from fourth to an even better spot in November - first place.

Place Name Points
1st OmarComingYo 36,162
2nd RobynHood3 30,847
3rd SYMPTH4D6VIL 30,453
4th tatuetata3 27,253
5th schizoid300 25,680

Everest Poker

Everest Poker sees one new face in the top 5 in November: Slayer_pol, who wasn't ranked at all in October. NikostheBest, pokerjo18 and paulmurielle were all top 7 a month earlier and continued running well.

MutantVirus barely made the board in October, but had a far better month this time around, finishing in fifth place.

Place Name Points
1st NikostheBest 6,925.8
2nd pokerjo18 6,083.6
3rd paulmurielle 5,700.9
4th Slayer_pol 5,270
5th MutantVirus 5,131.2

If you'd like to see how the points are calculated for each poker site's tournament leaderboard, visit PokerStars, full tilt, Party Poker and Everest Poker.


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