Four more shots at WSOP Main Event packages

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After months of freerolls, and $400,000 in Main Event seats and cash given away, your final four chances of living the poker player's dream are coming up.

All the following freeroll events are exclusive to players who have registered for an account at any of the participating poker sites through a link.

The final four:

Pacific Poker

  • Date: June 13th, 20:00 CET
  • Value: $20,000
  • Qualify with: 200 points
  • Qualify between: April 15 - Jun 8

One $17,000 Main Event package to be won, plus $3,000 in cash for the remaining top finishers.

You had to have qualified before June 8th to take part in this event. For those of you who are registered, and ready to go, good luck.

For more details or to sign up at Pacific Poker, click here.

Full Tilt

  • Date: June 20th, 13:00 EST
  • Value: $15,500
  • Qualify with: 500 points
  • Qualify between: Jun 6 - Jun 19

Freeroll six of six totaling $93,000 in prizes and cash. Winner again takes a $12,5k Main Event package with $3k spread to the rest of the prize pool.

For more details or to sign up at Full Tilt, click here.

Ultimate Bet

  • Date: June 20, 15:00 EST
  • Value: $15,000
  • Qualify with: 200 raked hands
  • Qualify between: Jun 1 - Jun 14

Last event of the exclusive bi-weekly WSOP freeroll series, winner will take a $12.5k Main Event package with an added $2,500 cash spread to the prize pool.

For more details or to sign up at Ultimate Bet, click here.

Titan Poker

  • Date: June 21, 18:00 GMT
  • Value: $40,000
  • Qualify with: 750 points

The grand finale of's exclusive Titan Poker WSOP freerolls. This third Titan freeroll, worth $40,000, brings Titan's WSOP freeroll total to an impressive $80,000.

The final two players win a $13k WSOP package each including Main Event buy-in and travel expenses. An added $14k in cash is spread to a deep prize pool.

For more details or to sign up at Titan Poker, click here.

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