LarsLuzak battles back

Patrik Antonius
Patrik Antonius: Loser of the day's largest pot.

The largest loser in Hold'em for the month of January was LarsLuzak, who spewed more than three times as much scrillah as the next loser in line.

From the first day of 2009 until the last day of January, LarsLuzak has lost over $1.3 million playing Hold'em online. The next-biggest loser for the month is none other than David Benyamine, with a loss of over $345k.

After having such a horrendous month, it's no wonder that LarsLuzak is at the tables playing the highest stakes available online in an attempt to lessen the blow of the month.

It looks like he might be somewhat successful in his quest, as by the time of this writing LarsLuzak had won the largest pot of the day.


Game: $500/$1,000 - Hold'em Table: GusHeaven (six-max) Players: Patrik Antonius, OMGClayAiken, LarsLuzak, durrrr Date: Jan. 31, 2009 10:50:37 ET Hand ID: 10354517069

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After winning this pot, LarsLuzak was sitting with a stack of over $300,000. A few good hands against action players like durrrr, and he could be on the way to a million-dollar day.

Unfortunately for LarsLuzak, the table he was on was filled with three of the best online poker players of all time.

On a table with Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius and Phil Galfond, Sami Kelopuro (LarsLuzak) was in for a fight from start to finish. There would be no easy money made this time.

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