Lakhov Holds Off Chouity, Lewis to Claim WPT Cyprus Title

Alexander Lakhov WPT Photo
Alexander Lakhov, WPT photo

Russian Alexander Lakhov overcame pros Nicolas Chouity and Toby Lewis to win WPT Merit Classic North Cyprus for $325,400 earlier today.

There was a sense of unfinished business as Lakhov finished second at WPT Prague in 2012. He had to wait a couple years but he finally has his first WPT title.

It was a surprising turn of events for Chouity who began the table as the chip leader and then eliminated Igor Devkin (sixth) and Ori Miller (fifth) in rapid succession.

Chouity ran out of steam four-handed, however, as Dmitry Gromov eliminated Toby Lewis in a huge hand and followed up by sending him to the rail as well.

Gromov Hits Sensational One-Outer

Nicolas Chouity
Not cool.

In perhaps the hand of the tournament Gromov and Chouity got into a raising war on a K 9 5 3 board.

Gromov shoved and Chouity snap-called with K Q for top pair and a flush draw.

Gromov could only offer a pair of deuces, which meant there was only one card in the deck that could save him: the 2 (thanks to Chouity’s flush draw the other deuce was no help).

Of course that’s exactly what happened and Chouity was sent to the rail in the worst possible way.

From there Gromov had a 3-1 chip lead over his good friend Lakhov.

Gromov experienced his own bad beat, however, when Lakhov cracked his pocket aces with a paltry A-J to double up.

From there Lakhov was firmly in control and finally won the tournament with JJ over A-2.

WPT Cyprus was the first event held outside of the United States in Season 11 and 404 runners created a prizepool of over $1.4 million.

For a full recap of all the final-table action, check the WPT Live Updates. Here are the complete payouts from the final table:

  • 1st Alexander Lakhov - $325,400
  • 2nd Dmitry Gromov - $215,000
  • 3rd Nicolas Chouity - $140,000
  • 4th Toby Lewis - $102,820
  • 5th Ori Miller - $77,000
  • 6th Igor Devkin - $62,000
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