Ladies pwning Everest Poker Japan Cup qualifiers

Erica Schoenberg
Gratuitous Ercia Schoenberg photo.

Jonathan May, Everest Poker property manager calls it statistically "remarkable."

Japanese players Marisuke and Akemin are likely less astonished, numerically or otherwise, by their success.

Regardless, the rise of female poker players world-wide continues as the the two aforementioned females have taken down the last two Everest Poker Japan Cup qualifying events.

Marisuke took her title - and her spot in the final 30 for the $20,000 live final on Tinian Island - on June 23, winning the live qualifier at Bar Jack in Tokyo,

Akemin kept the pressure on the Japanese men at the next live qualifier in Osaka, taking it down June 30.

"Statistically, this is quite remarkable," May said in a release. "We were aware that the popularity of poker among Japanese women was growing, but having two of the winners so far be female is a testament to their skill."

Marisuke is a video game enthusiast and artist that has been playing poker for 9 years. Akemin works for an advertising firm and has been playing poker for three years.

Japanese players can participate in both the online and live qualifying events at no cost, with two online qualifiers held each month through August.

"At the end of August," May says, "things get very interesting. The 30 qualifying players each receive a $1,400 prize package that includes travel and an entry fee to the final live event held on Tinian island.

"The winner from this event walks away with a prize package worth $20,000 and bragging rights!"

For all the details, visit Everest Poker.

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