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With the billionth hand about to be dealt on its site at some point during the next month, has announced a massive $300,000 WSOP freeroll as a celebration.

Ladbrokes Poker, one of the top online poker rooms, is the most recent site to approach this milestone. The $300,000 freeroll breaks down like this:

  • The top 20 finishers will get the chance to join Team Ladbrokes at the world's largest tournament by winning a $14,000 Ladbrokes WSOP Package.
  • Two hundred runners-up will get a second chance to join Team Ladbrokes at this year's WSOP by winning $109 Ladbrokes WSOP Daily Final seats.


All that's required to secure your seat in the WSOP freeroll is to accumulate 50 Player Points on the day the billionth hand is dealt. All players to accomplish this rather simple feat will automatically be invited to enter the tournament.

The tournament is scheduled to be held on the first Saturday after the billionth hand is dealt, with a minimum of 48 hours between the billionth hand and the Saturday.

Unlike many WSOP promotions, the minimum age for this promotion is 18. Unfortunately, due to American gambling laws, any WSOP Package winners under the age of 21 will be forced to take the $7,000 cash alternative.

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