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Ladbrokes Poker announced this week that it has joined the Microgaming Poker Network, giving its players access to a wider range of games against more opponents.

"Players will notice little difference to the service - they will remain Ladbrokes customers and can still use all the Ladbrokes features including 3D Poker," said Edward Ihre, Ladbrokes Poker managing director.

"The benefits will be that we can offer a greater range of game types and levels as well as the availability of games in Euros for the first time."

The switch won't mean the demise of all of Ladbrokes Poker's original games either. The poker site will keep its U.S. currency tables up to $2/$4 in No-Limit Hold'em, and No-Limit Hold'em euro tables up to €2/€4 will operate on a pooled network with Unibet.


All other game types and stakes higher than those will be provided through the Microgaming Network.

"'We are delighted to welcome Ladbrokes to the Microgaming Poker Network, access to the network will allow new and existing Ladbrokes players access to a far wider range of games," said Roger Raatgever, Microgaming CEO.

Ladbrokes Poker will also continue to have exclusive events and host its own tournaments in addition to the tournaments offered by the Microgaming Network.

That gives Ladbrokes players even more variety and bigger prize pools to choose from.

Players can take advantage of those benefits already. Ladbrokes Poker is celebrating moving to Microgaming by launching a series of promotions for its players that include a multimillion-dollar promotion in which $1 million will be paid out every month to 3,000 leading players.

For more information head to Ladbrokes Poker.

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