Ladbrokes offers $1 million WSOP bonus

Jon Kalmar
Kalmar will be seeking out a piece of that bonus himself.

In response to Harrah's Entertainment's decision to delay the final table of the World Series of Poker Main Event, Ladbrokes Poker is offering a bonus of up to $1 million to any of its Team Ladbrokes players who reach the final table.

Since sending its first player to the WSOP in 2002, Ladbrokes Poker said its ambition has been to deliver the winner of the Main Event.

The poker site's best results so far have been a fifth-place finalist in 2007. Ladbrokes also had sponsored players make it to 12th place in 2005 and 2006.

Perhaps Ladbrokes players will have an even better shot at winning it this year because of the four-month delay until the final table plays out.

"Harrah's decision to delay the Main Event Final table by 117 days will provide all nine players with an unprecedented experience and opportunity to prepare for the final table," said Edward Ihre, Ladbrokes Poker managing director.


Ladbrokes is planning to send more than 100 players to the 2008 Main Event through its online qualifiers. All those players will already have the benefit of coaching from Ladbrokes sponsored players such as Jon "Skalie" Kalmar, who was the fifth-place finisher in the 2007 Main Event.

Now if any of those players make it to the final table, Ihre said they will receive a guaranteed $250,000 sponsorship package that includes $100,000 in buy-ins during the 117 days the players will have to wait to play out the final table.

"Team Ladbrokes has the resources and experience to help any of their players who make it to the final table. Last year, having friends and fellow pros on the rail encouraging me, helped me make the final table," Kalmar said.

"This year I hope to do it for someone else and hopefully that will be a Team Ladbrokes member (unless I make it myself of course). And let's face it; a million bucks bonus isn't too shabby either."

Kalmar also commented on how much bigger the pressure will be for players who make the final table this year as opposed to last year.

"I remember last year I had just two days to wait before the final table and the pressure was just about bearable," he said. "I can only imagine the pressure will be much greater this time round."

The members of the Ladbrokes team who don't make the final could still be rewarded by the poker site as well. Not only will players who make the final table get a reward, any Ladbrokes sponsored player who places in the Top 100 of the tournament will earn a sponsorship package.

The sponsorship packages are distributed as follows:

Main Event finishing position Sponsorship package
1st $ 1,000,000
2nd or 3rd $ 500,000
4th to 9th $ 250,000
10th to 27th $ 50,000
28th to 100th 2009 Ladbrokes WSOP Package

"To win the Main Event at the World Series is something every poker player dreams about. I am confident that some of the Team Ladbrokes players will again make this year's Top 100 and they will get more," Kalmar said.

"All players who aspire to get a sponsorship and play poker for a living, now have a clear target [for] how they could get one."

For more information or to try your hand at winning a seat in the 2008 WSOP, visit Ladbrokes Poker.

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