L.A. Poker Classic: Sebok busted - Tran new chip leader

Day 1 chip leader Joe Sebok didn't make it past the second day of the L.A. Poker Classic Championship. In a dramatic hand, Sebok was busted by J.C. Tran, who is the new chip leader.

Joe Sebok's final hand of the L.A. Poker Classic didn't look very dramatic to begin with, but when the board finally showed Kd-Td-5h-3d-Tc, things really started to happen.

Sebok bet $50,000, and then quickly called when J.C. Tran moved all-in. Sebok flipped over Qd-8d, for a queen-high flush, but was beaten by Tran, who held Kc-Th, and thus had made a full house on the river. Tran took home the monster pot, and Sebok had to leave the WPT tournament.

Otherwise, both Michael Binger and Haralabos Voulgaris suffered bad beats to get busted late in Day 2. Binger got his pocket aces cracked by Jason Strasser's pocket queens, and Voulgaris lost with pocket kings when Chau Giang, who held A-K, caught an ace on the river.

Lots of other big names were eliminated during Day 2, including Freddy Deeb, Patrik Antonius, Erick Lindgren, Phil Laak, Gavin Smith, Mike Matusow, and Kathy Liebert.

J.C. Tran tops the field, and is joined by players like Paul Wasicka, Scott Clements, Chau Giang, and Nam Le in the top ten.

Other well-known players who will ante-up during Day 3 include Kristy Gazes, Barry Greenstein, Erik Seidel, Joe Awada, Jason Strasser, Steve Dannenmann, Isaac Haxton, Michael Mizrachi, Nenad Medic and Ted Forrest.

PokerListings.com will continue to provide live updates from the action at the tables, exclusive interviews and more in our Live Tournament Section. There, you can also read about the crazy side-betting that's been going on between Joe Sebok and Gavin Smith. Our reporters Owen Laukkanen and Matt Showell don't miss a thing!

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