Kiwi Casino Poker introduces upgrades to site

Kiwi Casino Poker recently introduced its latest software upgrade which includes a new navigational layout, mini-tables for better multi-table playing, Poker Tracker compatibility, and more beginners' tables.

The new layout follows a "document tree" format giving players the capability to expand the tree to narrow down their selection and find the games that fit what they want to do. The games that match the players' criteria will then appear in the lobby along with information about the tables, such as number of players, average pot, players per flop, hands per hour, and more.

The new layout makes it easier for players to find the games they want, and the new mini-tables on Kiwi Casino Poker let them play more of them at one time. They'll be able to play up to eight tables simultaneously and see four of them at a time. Four tables will fit on a standard computer screen, with another four opening up over top of the first four.

The upgraded software also makes the site compatible with Poker Tracker, a computer program that allows players to analyze their card play. They'll be able to import their hand history into Poker Tracker and analyze all the information about their Texas Hold'em, Omaha, and Seven-Card Stud play.

An additional perk for new players to the site are some new beginners' tables only open to players who've signed up in the last 30 days. These players can learn to play and explore the features available at Kiwi Casino Poker while only playing against other new players.

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