Kid Poker joins Team PokerStars

Already one of the most popular players on the live circuit, Daniel "Kid Poker" Negreanu is about to up his presence in the online scene, announcing will be his new professional Internet home.

Already home to world champs Kid Poker Book Flies Off the Shelves
  • Amateur Beats Negreanu to Win World Poker Open

    About Christopher Hunt

    Chris joined the PokerListings team in 2006, bringing with him over eight years of experience as a writer/editor for national magazines, alternative arts weeklies, community newspapers and online media.

    Some of the highlights: Six years as a writer/editor in a major international ski resort, plus an internship at one of the Web’s first e-zines in New York City. Some of the lowlights: Covering pet parades and DWIs for a very, very small community newspaper.

    Originally signing on as a news writer, he was part of the live tournament team at the 2007 WSOP and now handles marketing and commercial writing for Poker-wise, he leans toward No-Limit Hold’em – preferably shorthanded tables and turbo sit-and-gos.

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