Khan nearly rains down another win at PokerStars

Hevad Khan

Usually the big news from Sunday is the winner of the PokerStars Sunday Million, but occasionally it's one of the site's other major Sunday events that takes center stage. This week it was the Sunday Warm-Up, as Hevad Khan nearly took it down for another win.

Kahn, who is better known as RaiNKhAN, won a Sunday Warm-Up earlier this year and came within inches of winning another this past Sunday. He came in in second place to earn $58,000.

The winner of the event was Canadian ellgringo, who pocketed more than $80,000. The final table of the Sunday Warm-Up played out as follows:

Place Name Country Prize
1st ellgringo Canada $80,476
2nd RaiNKhAN United States $58,410
3rd ChimRicholds United States $41,795.60
4th carpetkking United States $28,556
5th zazz1981 Norway $23,364
6th uutikki Finland $18,172
7th Castro Sweden $12,980
8th ts_teacher United Kingdom $8,566.80
9th Dan87 Canada $5,295.84


The big winner of the day on Sunday was still the person who took down the Sunday Million, however. After a three-way deal, it was the_R3aLde4L, from the United States who had the win.

He topped a field of 6,382 players to take down the event. The final table played out as follows, with results based on finishing order and the three-way deal:

Place Name Country Prize
1st tEh_R3aLde4L United States $158,656.52
2nd Bolikk Norway $112,000
3rd jlost88 Canada $104,940.78
4th imeasy2read United States $59,352.60
5th bartasPL Poland $46,588.60
6th jeffbeesdat United States $33,824.60
7th XCappucinoX1 United States $22,975.20
8th iso_o Estonia $15,316.80
9th luke8 Canada $9,955.92

Plenty of money was also to be had in the rest of the usual Sunday lineup at PokerStars. Take a look at how the Hundred Grand, the Second Chance and the $215+R No-Limit Hold'em tournaments played out as well.

Sunday Hundred Grand

Based on finishing order and a four-way deal.

Place Name Country Prize
1st RobTheCrook United States $11,932.32
2nd cody1982 United States $12,078.85
3rd MastAAce08 United States $17,369.57
4th riverwhiz United States $12,764.30
5th Eraserheadz Untied States $6,247.51
6th Lancroian Germany $4,165.01
7th DJ Cymru United Kingdom $3,123.76
8th peeps408 United States $2,082.51
9th SKMDJDAD United States $1,561.88


Sunday Second Chance

Based on finishing order and a two-way deal.

Place Name Country Prize
1st lollasen Norway $37,851
2nd miamihans United States $37,851
3rd gboro780 United States $24,420
4th shaihulud Australi $18,315
5th jeffbeesdat United States $12,820.50
6th gherick United States $10,378.50
7th ElMastermind United States $7,936.50
8th gbmantis Unites States $5,494.50
9th eagle7810 United States $3,418.80


$125+R No-Limit Hold'em

Place Name Country Prize
1st bigpoppistew United States $40,905
2nd twirlpro Hungary $29,088
3rd Kenrof United States $19,998
4th DaMurdera3 United States $14,544
5th Mai916 United States $10,908
6th VARICO Spain $9,090
7th forsall United States $7,272
8th TheCronic420 United States $5,454
9th rivermanl United Kingdom $3,636

For more information on these and other exciting tournament opportunities, visit PokerStars.

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