Keikoan takes Tahoe title

Matt Keikoan
Matt Keikoan: The WSOPC Tahoe champ.

California-based poker pro Matt Keikoan added a World Series of Poker Circuit ring to his 2008 WSOP bracelet with a win in Lake Tahoe early Tuesday morning.

The 41-year old outlasted a field of 64 players and a pro heavy final table to take the WSOPC title and its $110,346 first-place prize at Harvey's Lake Tahoe just before 3 a.m.

"I'm excited, but I'm very tired," said Keikoan. "This comes at a good time for me."

After a day and a half play down to the final nine, fellow 2008 bracelet winner David Woo actually came into the final table with the chip lead, but bowed out seventh when online pro "Bodog" Ari Engel managed to suck out on him.

Engel, who already owns two WSOP circuit rings from Atlantic City prelims, had taken to three-bet shoving almost every time Woo raised and when Woo finally caught him, calling with queens against Engel's ace-nine, Engel rivered an ace anyway.

One of the hottest players in poker, following a deep run in the 2009 WSOP Main Event and a win at WPT Festa al Lago in Las Vegas less than one month ago, Tommy Vedes flirted with the chip lead for most of the two-day tournament.

However, he could get further than fifth after 68-year-old John Goodger called all in against him with K Q claiming he just wanted to go to bed, but managing to suck out a flush against Vedes' A J.

A suddenly short stacked Vedes was out soon after.

Engel's loose-aggressive style eventually caught up with him when he ran eights in to Keikoan's queens to hand him the chip lead.

He busted not long after handing the rest of his stack to Keikoan when he shoved with king-eight and missed against Keikoan's pocket fives.

"With him you sort of have to have a hand because he was pushing a lot," said Keikoan. "Queens against him, that's like having aces. You are never ever folding to him with queens.

"Even the fives, I'm raising the button, I know he's shoving a lot of hands so I have to call with fives there."

Goodger eventually got his wish, getting sent to bed in third place when he got it all in with top pair against Keikoan's bottom two and failed to improve.

Keikoan then went into heads up with 33-year-old Sacramento Police officer Justin Hallstrom holding an almost 5:1 chip lead and made short work of the amateur to grab the WSOPC title.

"I've been coming up here my whole life, I'm comfortable here," added Keikoan. "I grew up two hours from here so I feel good here.

"I'll be back here next year for sure."

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