Kathy Liebert, A Great Tournament Poker Player

Kathy Liebert
Kathy Liebert proudly wearing her InterPoker gear at the 2005 World Series of Poker.

Kathy Liebert became a familiar face in the poker world in 2002, when she won the first WPT Party Poker Million tournament. Since then she has won numerous big tournaments, including the 2004 World Series of Poker Limit Hold'em Shoot Out. Today she represents online poker room InterPoker.

How long have you been playing poker?

I have been playing poker professionally for 11 years.

Do you play online poker?

I do play a lot of online poker. Actually, I qualified for this year's main event through InterPoker.

What is your favorite poker game?

No-Limit Hold'em because it requires the most skill and is the biggest money game today.

How many WSOP tournaments will you play this year?

I will play in about 15 events or so, mainly Hold'em tournaments.

How is your tournament strategy different as compared to before the great poker boom?

My style of play hasn't changed that much. I play a very solid game perhaps even more so than before because players in general are looser than they once were. I adjust to the players all the time. Obviously tournaments today are much harder to win due to the large fields but there is more money to win in compensation, it just adds greater variance to your bankroll.

How do you deal with the great financial variance that a tournament poker professional experiences today?

I am careful and have other investments outside of poker and also I won't risk too much of my bankroll at once.

Why is it that so many more men play poker compared to women?

I think women in general crave greater stability and security and that they are more careful with money than men. Also, women, as opposed to men, are brought up not be aggressive; this could also be a biological factor. What you do see is that more women are picking up on the game and that the ones that do play are mostly very capable players.

We expect a field of 6,600 players to compete in the main event this year. If you could pick a player that you think is the best tournament poker player, what odds would you put on that player to win?

I think no player is more than 3-4 times better than the average player, thus odds of perhaps 2000-to-1 or so.

What does the future of poker look like to you?

I think it's great what has happened to poker and hopefully it will just keep growing.

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