Kapalas, MacPhee Climb on EPT Deauville Day 3; ElkY Slowed

Kevin MacPhee
MacPhee: On a roll.

Georgios Kapalas and Kevin MacPhee continued to climb the leaderboard at EPT Deauville today while France's Bertrand Grospellier saw his rush slow to a crawl.

Kapalas, one of the first players from Greece to see success overseas when he final-tabled at the 2009 WSOP, started the day around 200k but quickly built a stack to be reckoned with.

By the time the bubble hit at 88 players Kapalas had amassed just under a million. He finished with 1,398,000 to lead the final 36 players into Day 4 tomorrow.

He'll be looking to give Greece back-to-back titles at EPT Deauville following Sotirios Koutoupas' win last year.

Similarly impressive on the day was American Kevin MacPhee. A former EPT champ himself who's had a surge of impressive results lately kept pace with Kapalas despite a slow start.

By the middle of the day he'd turned a straight flush into over 600k in chips and by the end of the night had stuffed 1,313,000 into his Ziploc.

Darcourt Up, ElkY Down

Things didn't go quite as smoothly for Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier.

The Team PokerStars pro and all-time money leader for France cruised through Days 1 and 2 to come into the day in the Top 10.

The winds changed slightly on Day 3, however, and some bad luck kept ElkY from surging further.

Georgios Kapalas
Kapalas: Eyes Greek back-to-back.

Missing a key double up late in the day when his AK was outflopped by AJ Grospellier limped into Day 4 with just 120,000 chips and 12 big blinds left.

Going the other way on the leaderboard were Guillaume Darcourt and Benjamin Pollak and another EPT champ in Ruben Visser. The current Top 10:

  • 1. Georgios Kapalas 1,398,000
  • 2. Kevin MacPhee 1,313,000
  • 3. Dany Parlafes 1,220,000
  • 4. Olivier Piechaczyk 1,099,000
  • 5. Milan Tomasz Rabsz 1,005,000
  • 6. Guillaume Darcourt 801,000
  • 7. Daniel Carlsson 735,000
  • 8. Ognyan Dimov 677,000
  • 9. Miroslav Alilovic 654,000
  • 10. Matas Cimbolas 617,000

For a full rundown of the day's action, check the PokerStars blog. To watch the feature-table replay and the live stream action tomorrow, check the PokerListing blog here.

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