Juttelstad, Gimbel Rise as WPT Seminole Hits Day 3

Harrison Gimbel
Harrison Gimbel.

Day 2 is done at the WPT Seminole Lucky Hearts main event in Hollywood, Florida with a very short list of big-name players left led by Matt Juttelstad and Harrison Gimbel.

Juttelstad, who dominated his Day 1b heat to start the day with the overall chip lead, racked up a massive stack of 805,000 to take the outright lead again heading into Day 3.

Gimbel, the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event champ, bagged up 456,000 to end the day fifth in the chip counts.

While Juttelstad took the slow and steady route for the most part and avoided the big stacks, Gimbel’s biggest pot came late in the day against big stack Angelo Miele.

With 75k in the pot pre-flop and a Q T 4 board, Gimbel bet out 36k and Miele raised to 72k. Gimbel reraised to 108k and Miele called.

When the 4 turn dropped, Gimbel shoved for 186k and put his tournament on the line.

Miele let it go and Gimbel raked the big pot, bumping him up close to 500k and putting him in position to make a charge for the final table.

Despite losing a chunk of his stack on the hand, Miele also held on to finish in the top five with 570,000.

Joining them in the top five heading into tomorrow are last woman standing Gigi Gagne in second with 725,000 and Uri Kadosh with 685,000 in third.

Schwartz, Little and Harder All Still Alive

Other notables still in the field and in the hunt for a cash are former tennis pro Raj Vohra (447,500), Noah Schwartz (258,000), WPT Champions Club member Jonathan Little (220,000), Darryll Fish (201,000) and Christian Harder (115,500).

Notables busting out today included Jason Mercier, Shannon Shorr, Mohsin Charania, Matt Giannetti, Matt Stout, Matt Waxman, Tristan Wade, Will Failla, Shaun Deeb, Ashton Griffin, Allen Kessler and Kathy Liebert.

Mercier in particular will wonder what might have been.

He was set to become the massive chip leader early in the day when he got it in with KK vs Miele's AQ on a Q72 flop but saw an Ace hit the turn.

The 360k pot went to Miele and Mercier, despite rebuilding back to around 150k, busted late in the day.

Including 44 rebuys by players who busted on Day 1a, the WPT Seminole stop drew a total of 295 players and a prize pool of $958,750.

Full payout schedule below:

1st:  $268,444  (incl. $25,500 seat to WPT Championship)
2nd:  $158,194
3rd:  $105,463
4th:  $73,344
5th:  $54,649
6th:  $42,185
7th:  $32,598
8th:  $23,969
9th:  $17,258
10th-12th:  $13,423
13th-15th:  $11,505
16th-18th:  $10,067
19th-27th:  $8,629

With 34 players surviving Day 2 and just the top 27 players finishing in the money, a few unfortunate players will return for Day 3 and miss a payday.

Action starts again at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino at noon tomorrow and they'll play down to a final table of six.

Follow the play live at the WPT Live Updates page.

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