Jungleman12 Wins $20k in Tiny durrrr Challenge Session

Dan Cates
Dan "jungleman12" Cates

It wasn’t much but Dan “jungleman12” Cates and Tom “durrrr” Dwan finally resumed the durrrr Challenge last night.

According to highstakesDB the pair played just over 100 hands of $200/$400 NLHE before ending the session short due to an undisclosed problem.

Cates pulled a relatively tiny $20,265 profit from the session.

Dwan needs to stage a big comeback as Cates now has a nearly $1 million lead on durrrr. Fortunately Dwan still has a ton of time as only 20,000 of the 50,000 hands of the challenge have been played.

The durrrr Challenge between Dwan and Cates has now been running for three years although online poker’s Black Friday and Full Tilt’s ongoing issues certainly didn’t help.

Still Waiting for Massive durrrr Challenge Session

There was talk that Dwan and Cates would use a turbo schedule for August with penalties for either player backing out of matches but that hasn’t come to fruition yet. Their last session was in May.

It was a bad day all around for Dwan in the high-stakes games last night as he was hit pretty hard in the $500/$1,000 NLHE games and lost a total of $288,595. It’s been very a tough week for all the Team Full Tilt Professionals.

It wasn’t quite clear why the durrrr Challenge ended last night but it appeared to be Dwan who called it quits. This was their final chat before both players left:

jungleman12: gg?
durrrr: ya
durrrr: back in few hrs
jungleman12:j k
jungleman12: hopefully full tilt resolves the problem by then
durrrr: 168 hands
jungleman12: i won 20215
durrrr: u win 20265
durrrr: yaya rake
durrrr: bastards get us on the rake
durrrr: lol
durrrr: cya gl
jungleman12: durrrr challenge is raked?
jungleman12: whattttt
durrrr: hahaha
jungleman12: grumpy full tilt wants its couple hundred dollars
durrrr: ima try n have em put up page/ tables again
Sibyline (Observer): where can i find out about this challenge jungle ?
jungleman12: i emaield them about that
jungleman12: didnt listen to me

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