jungleman12 Jumped for $215k

David Benefield
David Benefield crushed Dan "jungleman12" Cates

Dan “jungleman12” Cates recorded a rare losing session last night dropping $215k in the high stakes online games.

Cates, who is currently winning the durrrr Challenge II by $657k, logged onto Full Tilt last night and played 1,808 hands of heads-up Pot-Limit Omaha.

His main opposition was David “Raptor” Benefield who he played for 1,200 hands on four tables of $100/$200 PLO.

Benefield essentially owned Cates from the very beginning and finished up $134,000.

Cates tried to reverse his fortunes by playing 330 hands of $200/$400 PLO against harrington25. Unfortunately for Cates he was once again the victim losing $81k.

As a result of his losses Cates falls out of his position as the most profitable player of 2010. He still has $3.9 million in winnings but Tom “durrrr” Dwan defaults into first with $4.01 million. Phil Ivey is still holding on to third with $3 million.

The durrrr Challenge II still seems to be on hold as neither Cates nor Dwan has mentioned publicly when the contest will resume.

In other high stakes news Brian “sbrugby” Townsend lost $109k last night.

It’s been a forgettable year for the former CardRunners instructor as he’s lost over $1.5 million under the sbrugby screen name. Add in the $2.5 million in losses accrued under his former Full Tilt red pro alias Brian Townsend and he’s the biggest loser of the year with $4 million in the red.

The biggest winners last night included David Benefield (+$132k), Luukie21 (+$102k), EazyPeazy (+$62k) and harrington25 (+$54k).

On the other end of the scale were Urindanger (-$112k), Arbianight (-$78k) and Eli Elezra (-$35k).

Here’s a collection of the biggest hands last night. Be sure to check out our online poker stats section for more information.


harrington25 wins the biggest pot of the night.


Another big hand for harrington25.


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