Jungleman Up, Ben86 Down: Weekly Top 10 Online Winners/Losers

Dan Cates
Dan "jungleman12" Cates

Dan “jungleman12” Cates got back to his winning ways on PokerStars this week while Ben “ben86” Tollerene took a massive hit.

Cates, who plays as W00ki3z on PokerStars, has been somewhat hit-or-miss since returning to the high-stakes games on the site this spring but seemed to find his stride this week.

Meanwhile Tollerene, who has had a reasonable 2012, was absolutely devastated in the games this week losing close to half a million.

Some of the other major players this week included Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen, Rui “PepperoniF” Cao, Benny “toweliestar” Spindler, Doug “WCG|Rider” Polk and Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky.

Top 10 Online Winners this Week

Dan Cates made waves this week but it was actually Dutch pro Joeri “L0ve2playU” van der Sman who took top place on the profit charts.

Thanks to winning $495,000 in nearly 10,000 hands, van der Sman is now up to nearly $1 million in profit on the year.

Theo Jorgensen also had a monster week that saw him win $315,000. The Danish pro is in the midst of his best year ever on PokerStars with over $400k in profit on the site.

Jens “Jeans89” Kyllonen continued his torrid pace since returning from the WSOP this summer by winning $234k.

Since heading back to Europe, Kyllonen has won more than $500k. He’s over halfway to recovering the $1 million buy-in he dumped on the Big One for One Drop this summer.

Here are the top 10 winners this week according to hsdb.com:

1. L0ve2playU: +$495,000
2. 5tgb6yhn7: +$316,000
3. Theo J: +$315,000
5. W00ki3z: +$297,000
6. ChaoRen160: +$275,000
7. Jeans89: +$234,000
8. PepperoniF: +$188,000
9. Kanu7: +$158,000
10. mikki696: +$148,000

Ben Tollerene
Ben "Ben86" Tollerene

Top 10 Online Losers this Week

Ben “Ben86” Tollerene certainly didn’t win any gold medals with his performance over the last week.

Tollerene dumped $473,000 into the high-stakes games in over 11,473 hands this week. Tollerene has seen the $1 million in profit he accumulated in the spring evaporate before his eyes.

The U.S.-born pro is now well into the red in 2012 on PokerStars.

Tollerene was obviously not the only player who had a rough go this week.

German Benny “toweliestar” Spindler lost $222k in an astounding 23,085 hands on PokerStars over the last seven days. Spindler’s 2012 online campaign has been an unmitigated disaster and he’s now down over $1 million.

Interestingly Broksi, who some claim is actually Gus Hansen, dropped a total of $208k this week.

Finally Zypherin added to his considerable difficulties this year by losing $132k. Zypherin is by far the biggest loser in 2012 and has now amassed nearly $3 million in damage.

Here’s are the top 10 biggest losers this week according to hsdb.com:

1. Ben86: -$473,000
2. 0Human0: -$280,000
3. Toweliestar: -$222,000
4. Broksi: -$208,000
5. WCG|Rider: -$178,000
6. Patpatman: -$167,000
7. N0d1ceb4by: -$162,000
8. Mickan1984: -$150,000
9. Zypherin: -$132,000
10. Sauce123: -$125,000

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