Jungleman Stymied, Kenney Powers Rounders to the Top of GPL

dan cates gpl week 3
One salty, soul-reading, unlucky Jungleman

Dan “jungleman” Cates hasn’t picked up a lot of points in the Global Poker League but he remains arguably the most entertaining player in the entire league.

Yesterday Cates was a late replacement for Berlin Bears teammate Brian Rast for the EurAsia 6-Max matches.

Team manager Phillipp Gruissem asked Cates if he was ready to go and Cates responded by saying:

“The jungle is always ready. The question is, are they ready for the jungle?”

It turns out they were as Cates finished fifth in the first match of the day and then six in the second.

Liv Boeree and Andrey Pateychuck were the eventual champs in the two EurAsia 6-Max Matches yesterday.

Tyler Kenney Surprises Americas Conference

Meanwhile over in the Americas conference it was the Tyler Kenney and Felipe Ramos show.

Felipe Ramos was also super strong.

Tyler is more one of the lesser-known players in the GPL and people questioned Bryn Kenney’s decision to add him to the NY Rounders considering they are brothers.

Tyler silenced the haters yesterday, however, by winning the the first 6-Max in the Americas conference yesterday and then runner-up to Felipe Ramos in the second match.

It was a massive day for the NY Rounders and by the time the dust had settled the team had 37 points, which gives them a five-point lead over the Montreal Nationals.

Action resumes today with a series of heads-up matches. You can watch them all right here.

Here’s a look the various match-ups scheduled for today:

  • Dan Cates vs. Randy Lew
  • Igor Kurganov vs. George Danzer
  • Timothy Adams vs. Sergey Lebedev

Finally here’s an updated look at the standings heading into today:

Americas Conference

1. New York Rounders - 37 points
2. Montreal Nationals - 32 points
3. Los Angeles Sunset - 25 points
4. Sao Paulo Metropolitans - 25 points
5. Las Vegas Moneymakers - 25 points
6. San Francisco Rush - 18 points

EurAsia Conference

1. Paris Aviators - 31 points
2. Hong Kong Stars - 31 points
3. Moscow Wolverines - 29 points
4. London Royals - 28 points
5. Rome Emperors - 24 points
6. Berlin Bears - 19 points

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