Juha Helppi wins PartyPoker.com Premier League Poker

PartyPoker.com Premier League Poker made it down to a final table of six Sunday with Phil Hellmuth in the chip lead. However, it was not to be for the Poker Brat as Juha Helppi snagged victory from his grasp.

The series, which was filmed in the U.K. for television, features 12 professional poker players who competed six times in preliminary stages to progress to the final table.

After the first four seats were taken, there were two play-off heads-up matches to determine who would get the last two spots at the table. Liz Lieu beat Kenna james, and Vicky Coren eliminated Andrew Black, adding some females to the final mix.

The final table line-up was:

  • Phil Hellmuth, 350,000
  • Eddy Scharf, 310,000
  • Juha Helppi, 260,000
  • Ian Frazer, 250,000
  • Liz Lieu, 230,000
  • Vicky Coren, 200,000

Frazer was the first out when his A-9 came up against Helppi's pocket kings. Shortly after, Helppi also eliminated Coren when the flop brought an ace to pair his A-J versus Coren's J-9.

All Scharf really had to do was sit back and wait as Helppi eventually took out Lieu and Hellmuth as well to bring the table down to two.

At that point, Scharf couldn't stop the roll the Finn was on, though. In the final hand, Scharf moved all-in with 5-6 suited and Helppi called with A-2 off-suit.

Helppi's ace held up as the board was no help for Scharf.

The PartyPoker.com Premier Poker League is scheduled to begin airing on Channel 4 in the U.K. in May.

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