Judge arrested in Georgia poker bust

For the second time this week, police have busted an illegal gambling hall in the Atlanta area. This time, one of the persons charged with misdemeanor gambling is a magistrate judge.

The bust came Tuesday night at the Poker Palace in Jonesboro, which happens to operate just down the street from the sheriff's office that raided the establishment.

Wayne Reinhardt, one of the owners, was charged with keeping a place of gambling and possession of gambling equipment, while 52 people were charged with misdemeanor gambling as a result of the raid.

The Clayton County Sheriff's office also found powder cocaine, crack cocaine and ecstasy on the property.

The Poker Palace, which has a sign out front with its name, had been operating for the past two years and was under investigation for the past month by the sheriff's office vice unit.

According to the Associated Press, when asked how the casino could operate so close to law enforcement, Sheriff Victor Hill said, "Your question is my question. That infuriates me."

Another man is facing a bribery charge in connection with the illegal casino where people could go to play poker and slot machines.

Hill told media that before the raid, he was invited out to lunch with Poker Palace co-owner Mike Adams and his associate Norman Earl. During the lunch, Earl offered the sheriff an envelope he said contained $500, then upped the bribe to $5,000.

Earl has been charged with bribery, and the investigation continues in Adams' role in the incident.

The magistrate judge involved, Dorian Murry, had a $2,500 bond set in a court appearance on Wednesday. As of Wednesday afternoon, he was still in the Clayton County Jail.

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