Jraye87 wins big at Bodog.com

A gut-shot straight on the river gave player jraye87 the $25,000 first prize in Bodog.com's $100K Sunday Guaranteed this weekend. Jraye87 had an easy final call to make when i12play bluffed all-in with nothing but a missed flush-draw.

The board showed J-8-7-A-T when i12play decided to push all chips into the middle. Little did he know that Jraye87 was sitting with 9-7, and thus had made a straight.

Jraye87 was, however, rather lucky to be alive at that point in the heads-up match against i12play. In a previous hand, Jraye12 was all-in with mid-pair versus top-pair on the flop, but caught trips on the turn to double up.

The victory in the Bodog.com $100K Sunday Guaranteed was worth $25,000 while runner-up i12play had to settle for $14,000.

In total, 864 people played in the tournament, the highest number of entrants in recent weeks.

The final results are as follows:

2nd i12play $14,000
3rd goin_blind $9,000
4th Joe "PearlJammer" Turner $6,500
5th Wayupinya $5,400
6th Papa Bull XL $4,400
7th Rugbything $3,400
8th Huskers20 $2,400
9th sheila12 $1,550

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