Jonathan Little wins big at the Mirage

Jonathan Little

On his second Jonathan Little made it all the way. Little defeated tough opponents such as Phil Ivey and Darrell Dicken to win the Mirage Poker Showdown and $1,066,295.

Jonathan Little clashed with Phil Ivey early in the final day of the opening event of the sixth World Poker Tour season, and he got lucky.'s live tournament reporter Owen Laukannen described the hand that crushed Ivey's hopes for a first WPT title:

"Jonathan Little raises to $120,000. Phil Ivey makes the call and the flop comes 8s-8c-3c. Both players check and the turn is the Jc. Ivey bets out $150,000 and Little moves all-in. Ivey calls and shows Qc-2c to Little's Ad-8d.

"Ivey needs to dodge an ace or an eight to double up, but the river is the Ah and Phil Ivey has been rivered to hit the bricks in fifth place. He'll take home $129,684. He will not take home his first WPT bracelet."

Shortly after that huge pot, Little eliminated Richard Kirsh in fourth place. Later on, Cory Carroll busted Darrell Dicken in third place, and it was time for heads-up play.

Carroll had a slight lead when the final battle for the title began, and at one point he had twice as many chips as his opponent, but it was to be Jonathan Little's day.

First Little survived a coin-flip situation, 5-5 vs. A-8, to double up, and luck was on his side in the two final hands of the tournament as well.

In the penultimate hand Little's A-6 was dominated by Carroll's A-9 but the board showed Q-J-8-8-2 for a split pot.

The scenario in the final hand was similar with Little holding A-2 and Carroll sitting with A-7, but this time the worst hand prevailed. A deuce on the flop and another one on the turn made Jonathan Little the 2007 Mirage Poker Showdown champion.

Final table results from the Mirage Poker Showdown:

1stJonathan Little$1,066,295
2nd Cory Carroll $561,966
3rd Darrell Dicken $259,369
4th Richard Kirsch $172,912
5th Phil Ivey $129,684
6th Amnon Filippi $100,865

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