JohnnyBax picks up FTOPS X win

Cliff Josephy
JohnnyBax has a winning hand at Full Tilt Poker.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, five more players climbed to the top of Full Tilt Online Poker Series X events. Some pros made deep inroads into events on Wednesday, with JohnnyBax even claiming the top pot in an event.

JohnnyBax, also known as Cliff Josephy to those outside the online poker realm, picked up a win in Event 8 of the Chip Jett and Stuart Paterson.

In the second event hosted by the poker site on Wednesday for the FTOPS X, David Pham proved why he's becoming a big name in the game these days. The No-Limit Hold'em Six-Max event drew in 1,032 players to vie for a $1,130,100 prize pool, and Pham picked up a three-figure part of that prize pool by coming in third place.

Other pros in the money include Nordberg, Jeff Madsen, Huck Seed, Stuart Paterson, Clonie Gowen, TheWacoKidd and PearlJammed. The winner was frankly perfect, who picked up $235,625.85 for first place.


The winners from Tuesday were losebigpots in Event 12, the $200+$16 HA; LaTanyaWilliams in Event 13, $500+$35 H.O.R.S.E.; and imabigkidnow in Event 14, $200+$26 No-Limit Hold'em Turbo.

The results of the final tables for the FTOPS X events on Tuesday and Wednesday are as follows:

Event 12

Place Name Prize
1st losebigpots $39,967.20
2nd hmiester $26,208
3rd JonStephenson $18,720
4th Biggest Donkey $14,227.20
5th Transeporter $10,108.80
6th satfat $6,458.40
7th donkingitaway $4,024.80
8th MKMADTILT $4,024.80
9th fan4mizzou $2,901.60

Event 13

Place Name Prize
1st LaTanyaWilliams $69,570
2nd POCKET FIVE $45,750
3rd HelloCity $31,800
4th Vortex2099 $20,400
5th hmiester $12,600
6th FOsubliminaLD $8,700
7th AmazingChase $6,600
8th slumptown $4,500

Event 14

Place Name Prize
1st imabigkidnow $104,869.80
2nd wallstreet3 $67,674.60
3rd SirWatts $50,110.20
4th LaTanyaWilliams $37,711.80
5th scrubbyz $26,346.60
6th amrasaralond $17,564.40
7th zurc3 $11,881.80
8th kor44 $8,265.60
9th Dutchalicious $6,199.20

Event 15

Place Name Prize
1st JohnnyBax $46,125
2nd danielle123 $29,212.50
3rd Raposa Felpuda $21,627.50
4th Ram Vaswani $16,912.50
5th STEALTH714 $12,812.50
6th evil eye 22 $9,225
7th hilokunto $6,150
8th satfat $4,612.50
9th Will_B_D $3,280

Event 16

Place Name Prize
1st frankly perfect $235,625.85
2nd xMONSTERxDONGx $157,083.90
3rd David Pham $111,879.90
4th govshark2 $83,627.40
5th bundas1 $59,895.30
6th eisenhower1 $38,423.40

There are plenty more events in the FTOPS X where those came from. Head to full tilt for more information.

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