John Monnette Joins First-Time Bracelet Winners at WSOP

John Monnette WSOP Winner
“Winning a WSOP bracelet is the biggest accomplishment in poker and it means a lot to me.”

So far at the 2011 WSOP we’ve seen a host of first-time bracelet winners and although John Monnette falls into that category, he’s far from a newcomer at the World Series of Poker.

Monnette is an experienced pro who specializes in non-Hold’em cash games but he has enjoyed tournament success.

He now has more than $1 million in earnings, thanks to the $278,144 he pocketed for winning the $2,500 8-game event in Las Vegas Wednesday.

A look at his tournament record shows the majority of his results coming from WSOP events, with many of those in non-Hold’em events. He had a second in a No-Limit 2-7 event and a fifth in an Omaha Hi-Low event last year.

According to Monnette there’s an easy explanation for his success at the WSOP.

“I don’t play No-Limit Hold’em very well and it’s not a game I focus much of my time and energy on,” he told

“There are so many other games out there that are so much more intriguing to me,” he continued.

And there’s nowhere else in the world that even comes close to the variety of events that the WSOP spreads. Monnette says this is a great thing for poker players.

“Any good or great poker player wants to expand their horizons by learning other games and the World Series is a great place to do that,” he said.

Monnette points to the value these events provide for mixed game players like himself, plus the impact it has on poker as a whole when he explains his love of the WSOP and their non-Hold’em offerings.

“It’s great because this is the way people get exposed to other games that they’ll eventually start playing,” he said.

In a way poker pros are measured by the number of WSOP bracelets they’ve won. John Monnette’s happy to finally have a score up on the board.

 “To come so close in the past was really disappointing,” he said.

“Winning a WSOP bracelet is the biggest accomplishment in poker and it means a lot to me.”

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