Joe Hachem in a theater near you

Joe Hachem

Joe Hachem can make magic on the felt, but can he do the same for the big screen? The Australian World Series of Poker champion is to star in Prey, an upcoming thriller set in his homeland.

Hachem will be in theaters alongside Don Johnson's son, Jesse Johnson, and Australian starlet Natalie Bassingthwaighte for the 2007 film.

Prey is based on the story of two North Americans who disappeared in the West Australian desert while on holiday. The men weren't found, but their vehicles and untouched supplies were found in the sand dunes near a sacred aboriginal site.

Two years later, on the same day in May of 1989, the men were found dead of natural causes 1,000 miles apart in North America.

Now, 20 years after the original incident, Prey will tell the story of three couples to return to the area at the same time of year with disastrous results.

Hachem is said to play a small but pivotal role in the movie, which begins production in Perth and Melbourne June 11.

"This next year," says a promotional page for the film on MySpace, "preconceived assumptions about friendship, undiscovered sexual liaisons, and false leadership come apart as the three couples realize that the vacation's over… They are now … PREY."

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