Joe Beevers wins GBPT Grand Final

Joe Beevers

The Great British Poker Tour has concluded its inaugural season with Joe Beevers being crowned the season champion during last weekend's Grand Final at the Bristol Harbourside Gala Casino Sunday.

To get there Joe Beevers had to wade through a field of nearly 100 players. He was part of Day 1a which saw 42 rounders take to the felt. Among them were Barny Boatman, Roland De Wolfe and Jamie Gold.

Boatman and De Wolfe would both make it through to Day 2 with Beevers, but Gold didn't make it past Level 4 for the day. Instead he ran into Beevers, who took him out with A-Q.

Day 1b brought another 57 players to the event, with a few more Americans joining the mix. Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Laak, Jennifer Tilly and Robert Williamson III took to the felt. Ram Vaswani and Surindar Sunar also joined in on Day 1b.

Tilly came out the chip leader of the day and the chip leader overall going into Day 2. Only Esfandiara would join her from the American contingent. Williamson was actually the first person out on the day, and Laak also took his leave, not able to perform as well as his girlfriend.

Vaswani also busted early in the tournament, and Sunar moved on to Day 2 fairly low in the chip count.

Tilly's chip lead wasn't enough to get her through Day 2 and into the final table. She and Esfandiari got into a few big pots together, and then neither of them made it through the rest of the day.

The final-table players were:

  • Rob Akery
  • Joe Beevers
  • Barney Boatman
  • Neil Channing
  • Roland De Wolfe
  • Manuel Palanca
  • Matt Tylar
  • Charalambos Xanthos

Channing was the first one out from the final table, and in the end it came down to Beevers versus Akery. The deciding hand was dealt on Hand 161.

With Akery in the big blind, Beevers calls and Akery checks to see the flop. It comes 9d-5d-10s.

Akery checks, and Beevers bets $35,000 and gets a call from Akery. When the turn brings a six of spades, Akery checks again with Beevers firing out a bet of $100,000.

Akery moves all-in for an extra $473,000, and Beevers calls.

Akery shows 8d-2d for the flush draw, while Beevers flips over Th-5h for two pair.

The river brings Akery another diamond, but it's the one diamond he didn't want - the 10 of diamonds that would give Beevers a full house and the win.

"The GBPT is a fantastic series of events, and having played in four of the regional tournaments, I'm delighted to have won the big one," Beevers said.

"I've been playing poker since way before it became popular, and the GBPT is a chance to go back to the good old days. It's the kind of tournament we enjoyed 15 years ago - with normal people playing in a normal casino with great organization and great staff. Everything was first class."

The final-table results were as follows:

  1. Joe Beevers, £87,500 and Bellagio Five Diamond Package
  2. Rob Akery, £53,250 and Aussie Millions Package
  3. Barney Boatman, £36,500 and EPT Package
  4. Charalambos Xanthos, £22,250 and GBPT 2008 Main Event Package
  5. Roland De Wolfe, £16,000 and GBPT 2008 Main Event Package
  6. Manuel Palanca, £11,000
  7. Matt Tylar, £9,250
  8. Neil Channing, £8,000

"The final table was like playing against friends, because I knew five of them, and now I'm looking forward to going to the Bellagio in Las Vegas and then coming back to defend my title next year," Beevers said.

The 2007 GBPT included five regional festivals in Edinburgh, Teesside, Notthingham, Bournemouth and Leeds, with finalists qualifying for the Grand Final main event in Bristol. This year's qualifiers were Eddie Gaines, Colin Pearson, Lee Richardson and Steve Holden.

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