JIMMY WHIPPLE squeezes out Full Tilt competition

The Spoils of War

It may be a drop in the bucket compared to some of his previous wins, but JIMMY WHIPPLE certainly won't complain about winning $735 without having to pay a dime to enter the tournament.

He's the latest to qualify for and win the PokerListings.com and Full Tilt Poker weekly $3,000 freeroll. All he had to do was sign up for the poker site through PokerListings.com and then earn 150 points during the qualification period for the tournament.

The 49-year-old Texan is on Full Tilt Poker almost daily, so reaching that goal was fairly easy. However, it was his years of poker experience that may have helped him get to the top of the tournament.

JIMMY WHIPPLE has been playing poker since he was 13 and playing seriously since he was 18. Now he plays online daily and live when he can.

He's also a fairly regular visitor to PokerListings.com, which he said is a great resource for poker players. About the tournament, he said it was "nice to have the opportunity to play a freeroll."

The Top 10 players in the Nov. 17 freeroll were:

Place Name Prize
2nd Randy_KC $457.50
3rd Jemil 47 $337.50
4th 87elky383 $262.50
5th 200707 $195
6th beloumi $142.50
7th dcgrieg $93
8th EE Ali $72
9th MisterMarcuz $57
10th golden ridge $31.50

He said he got interested in poker because it "tests the balance of the mind." With his freeroll win, he'll be able to add a few more dollars to his bankroll to continue that test of the mind.

JIMMY WHIPPLE wasn't the only PokerListings.com player who picked up some free stuff at Full Tilt Poker last weekend.

Players who signed up through PokerListings.com and qualified to play took on a tournament to battle for a World Poker Tour seat last weekend as well. Arhimides came out on top to take home the WPT prize package.

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