Jett-ing to success at a WSOP academy

Karina Jett
Karina Jett gives players advice during the Ladies Only WSOP Academy.

Women from all walks of life showed up at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas today to take part in the World Series of Poker Academy Ladies Only camp thirsting for more poker knowledge. Karina Jett was one of the instructors who helped slake that thirst.

With several World Series of Poker cashes including two final tables, Karina Jett parted with some of her poker wisdom Friday and also shared some of her thoughts on women in poker with

What benefits do you think there are to having an all female class like the World Series of Poker Academy Ladies Only camp?

I think it benefits the women that are kind of intimidated by the men playing poker. Being with other women that have similar interests encourages women to start playing poker. Coming into poker, it's really good and it's really encouraging and gives a positive experience for women to help other women.

When you first got into poker did you feel that sort of intimidation playing with men?

Definitely. I hated playing poker, because back then especially there was hardly any women playing, so there was nobody I could look up to or kind of like talk about playing against the men. Eventually, you develop a thick skin and then you're able to hang around with the men and be able to handle yourself. In the beginning, it's very intimidating, and that's just something you develop over time as you're playing poker.

What do you think it will take to get more women playing poker?

I think stuff like this, like academies that are limited to women and the women tournaments that they offer, the LIPS tour, you know, like stuff like that. I'm also on the committee for the Women's Hall of Fame. There's just a lot to opportunities for women now. There are poker clubs all over the place. So I think women are getting more encouraged, and I think women are also trying to have more in common with their boyfriends and husbands, and they want to kind of get to know and learn poker so they have something in common they can share.

Is there a common mistake you often see female players make in poker?

Yes. I think they know what they're supposed to do, but not pulling the trigger and doing it is the biggest mistake.

You mean the aggression part of the game?

Exactly. They're kind of intimidated, and I think that's just something they'll have to get over, over time.


The WSOP Academy Ladies Only camp continues on Saturday as the women gather once again to soak up the wisdom of Jett, Annie Duke and Alex Outhred. The participants already have serious game, and you can bet they'll only get better after this seminar. Poker rooms around the world had better look out for them after they're released back into the wild.

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