Jean-Robert Bellande Report: Week 3

Jean-Robert Bellande

It was another exciting week of Survivor: China and everybody's favorite poker-playing reality show contestant, Jean-Robert Bellande, was on the chopping block for the first time.

Week 3 of the popular television show kicked off with footage of the Fei Long tribe sleeping. The women are desperately trying to avoid Bellande who attempts to snuggle with pretty much anybody who is close. This upsets both Leslie Nease, a Christian talk show host, and Courtney Yates, a waitress.

"I don't think Jean-Robert gets the social game of Survivor," said Nease. "If we ever have to go to Tribal Council, at least we don't have to worry about who it'll be first because it will be him."

Bellande explained afterwards that he was just trying to stay warm and he would have gotten close to anybody sleeping next to him. Can't blame the guy for trying.

The reward challenge was a brutal physical contest that saw the tribes compete against each other on the deck of a boat. The goal was to stay on board and not get thrown overboard. James Clement and Bellande were a winning combination and they easily dealt with the smaller men of the Zhan Hu. Unfortunately for Bellande and his teammates, in the female section of the game Zhan Hu came out on top, which was enough to win a reward. Zhan Hu took a tarp and blankets back to camp as their reward.

Later that day Bellande and Clement were overheard chatting like a couple of old buddies in the river. They both made fun of Yates and her minuscule size, and Bellande joked the only reason she was still around was because Clement was attracted to her.

"The only thing better than a million dollars is a million dollars and some ass!" said Bellande.

All that was missing from this classy conversation was a couple beers and the big game on TV.

Unfortunately for the pair, both Yates and Todd Herzog were eavesdropping and Yates was, perhaps understandably, outraged.

"As far as I'm concerned James and John-Robert are trash," said Herzog in a video diary. "Trash gets stinky. They gotta go."

During the immunity challenge Yates showed weakness for the Fei Long tribe and Zhan Hu got a massive head start. Yates could not cut through ropes to help her team get to the second part of the challenge, which was a puzzle.

By the time Fei Long got to the puzzle installment, Bellande and Herzog did their best to catch up to Zhan Hu but it was too late. Apparently poker doesn't translate well into Chinese puzzles and Fei Long was dealt its first loss in immunity challenges.

Back at Fei Long camp it was a mad scramble to decide who was going home.

Bellande was not shy to point his finger at other members of the tribe and said they had to send their weaker members, either Yates or Leslie, packing.

Meanwhile Herzog did his best to change the social dynamic of the tribe and instead oust Bellande. Herzog even mentioned that Bellande played poker and could not be trusted.

In the end, however, the tribe's leader Aaron Reisberger decided he didn't trust Nease that much either so it was time for her to go.

During Tribal Council Bellande showed an amazing amount of restraint and when Probst asked him if he might be kicked off the island the poker player gave a humble answer and said that yes, he was concerned.

The final nail in the coffin was when Nease said the Zhan Hu tribe was in many ways a better tribe. That was enough to solidify the Fei Long vote and give Nease the boot.

And so Bellande survived his first Tribal Council. Tune in next week to see if the infamous card player can make it through his fourth week on Survivor.

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