The Jean-Robert Bellande on Survivor Report: Week 2

Jean-Robert Bellande

It's week two of CBS's Survivor: China and everybody's favorite poker player who probably talks more than he should is still in the running.

Jean-Robert Bellande got plenty of face time on this week's episode and butted heads with his team's bonafide leader, Aaron Reisberger.

The episode began with Bellande snoring away while his team was working hard. Eventually Bellande was called out by his team and told he had to start pulling his weight.

Bellande's answer?

"Why don't we all just rest for a while?" he said.

The team mentioned that Bellande had already been resting for most of the day and eventually he apologized for his inactivity.

Later in the day Bellande explained that he actually had a purpose to getting more sleep than the rest of the team. He said that he was trying to create the image of a lazy player so that when he started working hard around camp he would be noticed and no one would want to kick him off the island. It's a questionable tactic and we're going to see if the team will even care when he does eventually start to work.

Bellande was surprisingly proficient at the reward challenge. The challenge required the teams to push around giant rolling balls in a mud pit while wrestling each other. Professional WWE wrestler Ashley Massaro attempted to grapple Bellande to the ground but it was to no avail. The larger Bellande simply dragged Massaro behind him while he navigated the mud pit. Perhaps Bellande would have a shot at a professional wrestling career after he's finished being a Survivor.

Bellande's tribe, Fei Long, easily won the reward challenge and took home the all-important fishing gear and boat.

Back at camp, Reisberger and Bellande clash, once again, over work ethic. Bellande eventually apologizes while Reisberger mentions that he just plain doesn't like the poker player. This could be a major problem for Bellande in the future because Reisberger is very popular within the tribe and has also formed an alliance with Amanda Kimmel and Todd Herzog.

During the immunity challenge Bellande was again one of his team's strongest players. Bellande worked in tandem with the physically powerful James Clement to use a giant log as a battering ram destroying all the team's obstacles. Perhaps all the rest Bellande is getting is helping him excel at the challenges. Fei Long was victorious and managed to avoid Tribal Council for the second straight week.

Instead it was the WWE wrestler Massaro, whom Bellande grappled with in the reward challenge, who got the boot from the island.

Bellande still hasn't gone to Tribal Council so fans might be a little worried about how the card player would fare in that situation. Tune in next week to see if Bellande can get one step closer to the million dollar prize.

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