J.C. Tran wins at World Poker Classic

J.C. Tran

With the World Poker Tour (WPT) Championship closing in, the big stars are starting to swamp the World Poker Classic (WPC) at the Bellagio. J.C. Tran won Event 4, $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em, and another experienced pro, Scotty Ngyuen, finished in third place.

J.C. Tran worked his way through a starting field consisting of 238 players, and took home the first prize of $272,320, a WPC bracelet, and an entry to the WPT Championship.

Runner-up Jonathan Little walked away with $146,760, while third-place finisher Scotty Nguyen had to settle for $73,380.

Final results from Event 4, $3,000 No-Limit Texas Hold'em:

1st J.C. Tran $272,320
2nd Jonathan Little $146,760
3rd Scotty Nguyen $73,380
4th Brian Wolfe $40,015
5th Norman Contreras $30,020
6th Jimmy Diep $23,350
7th Marco Johnson $16,675
8th Michael Tait $13,340
9th Al Barbieri $10,675

Jared Hamby won Event 3, $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em, ahead of Jeff Schulman and James Mackey. Aside from the WPC bracelet and the seat in the WPT Championship, Hamby gets $223,780 in prize money.

Final results from Event 3, $2,500 No-Limit Texas Hold'em:

1st Jared Hamby $223,780
2nd Jeff Schulman $122,465
3rd James Mackey $61,253
4th Dave Daneshgar $34,980
5th Jared Woodlin $26,245
6th Mark Wilds $20,410
7th Q Chi $14,580
8th Pat Madden $11,665
9th J.C. Alvarado $9,330

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