J.C. Tran to rep PKR in Premier League

J.C. Tran

J.C. Tran will be sporting the PKR logo when he's in London playing in the upcoming PartyPoker Premier League III.

Tran agreed to represent the poker site in the televised event. Not only will he wear Tom Dwan, Andy Black, Nenad Medic and David Ulliott.

The matches are as follows:

  • Match 1, Nov. 24: Roland De Wolfe, Annette Obrestad, Andy Black, Peter Eastgate, Dave Ulliott, J.C. Tran
  • Match2, Nov. 24: Phil Hellmuth, Tony G, Vicky Coren, Nenad Medic, Juha Helppi, Tom Dwan
  • Match 3, Nov. 25: Roland De Wolfe, Phil Hellmuth, Nenad Medic, Annette Obrestad, Juha Helppi, Tony G
  • Match 4, Nov. 25: Dave Ulliott, J.C. Tran, Peter Eastgate, Andy Black, Tom Dwan, Vicky Coren
  • Match 5, Nov. 26: Annette Obrestad, Nenad Medic, Vicky Coren, Juha Helppi, J.C. Tran, Peter Eastgate
  • Match 6, Nov. 26: Phil Hellmuth, Tony G, Dave Ulliott, Tom Dwan, Andy Black, Roland De Wolfe
  • Match 7, Nov. 27: J.C. Tran, Tony G, Nenad Medic, Tom Dwan, Roland De Wolfe, Phil Hellmuth
  • Match 8, Nov. 27: Dave Ulliott, Juha Helppi, Peter Eastgate, Andy Black, Annette Obrestad, Vicky Coren
  • Match 9, Nov. 28: Juha Helppi, Nenad Medic, Phil Hellmuth, J.C. Tran, Dave Ulliott, Peter Eastgate
  • Match 10, Nov. 28: Tony G, Vicky Coren, Annette Obrestad, Roland De Wolfe, Andy Black, Tom Dwan
  • Match 11, Nov. 29: Juha Helppi, Phil Hellmuth, Tony G, Annette Obrestad, Tom Dwan, Andy Black
  • Match 12, Nov. 29: J.C. Tran, Nenad Medic, Peter Eastgate, Roland De Wolfe, Vicky Coren

The top four point earners from the 12 matches will automatically move on to play the final table on Nov. 30. The next four point earners will battle in heads-up matches for the final two seats at the final table.

All the action will be recorded for a later broadcast on TV in the United Kingdom. Fans can get a full preview of the event in Jesse May's analysis.

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