Jamie Gold, Phil Ivey busted at Bellagio

Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold and Phil Ivey were among the players knocked out on Day 3 of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Championship at the Bellagio. With 54 players still in the tournament, Phil "Poker Brat" Hellmuth remains in the lead.

Phil Hellmuth sits with $1,820,000 in his stack and tops the field ahead of Raymond Davies who has $1,700,000 and Loi Phan with $1,420,000.

Other well-known faces still in contention include Roland De Wolfe, Thomas Wahlroos, Carlos Mortensen, Scott Fischman, Paul Wasicka, Bill Gazes and Patrik Antonius.

Jared Hamby, who has won two preliminary events at the Fifth Annual Five-Star World Poker Classic, was perhaps the player of the day. At least he was involved in a couple of spectacular pots.

This is how one of them is described in our Live Tournaments Section:

"Jared Hamby pushes all-in for $90,000. Tim Phan pushes all-in for $157,000. An unknown old guy calls. Pocket aces for the old guy, pocket sixes for Phan and pocket jacks for Hamby.

"The flop didn't connect with anyone's hand but the turn brought a six, putting the underdog way out in front. The dealer burned for the river and turned over a jack! Hamby triples up and Tim Phan takes a big hit. There is no justice in poker!"

Shortly after that, Hamby made quad deuces to win another big pot. At the end of Day 2, Hamby is in 31st place with $494,000 in chips.

Among the eliminated on Day 3: Sammy Farha, Ram Vaswani, Anna Wroblewski, Humberto Brenes, Barny Boatman and Ross Boatman.

Action at the Fontana Room starts off again at noon (PDT), and you can follow Phil Hellmuth's hunt for a interview with Phil Hellmuth.

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