Jamie Gold faces no retroactive penalty

Jamie Gold

The World Series of Poker does not intend to penalize WSOP champion Jamie Gold for breaking the tournament rules on two occasions during the 2006 WSOP Main Event where Gold went on to win $12 million.

Gold revealed in a New York Times interview on Feb. 23 that he had broken the WSOP tournament rules twice during the 2006 Main Event.

The first instance was by showing a card to an opponent. The other occasion was by revealing his hand to a friend to prevent him from being eliminated.

Both infringements would have rendered Jamie Gold a 10 minute penalty had they been observed by tournament officials.

In the NY Times interview, Gold said he wasn't consciously trying to bend the rules. "I was just so caught up in the excitement of what was happening and I kind of just lost myself and I regret doing that," said Gold.

After the interview was published, senior WSOP officials reviewed video footage and had two conversations with Gold about the incidents.

They report that Gold "freely acknowledged and expressed contrition for the rules infractions, attributing them to his exuberance and excitement at participating in his first-ever WSOP main event."

"Not only were we impressed with Jamie's candor and contrition, but we also recognized that tournament officials didn't witness the incidents or take appropriate action at the time of the rules infractions," said Jeffrey Pollack, commissioner of the World Series of Poker.

"I do want to stress, however, that we do not condone any violations of the rules and will make every effort to enforce them in every WSOP event," said Pollack.

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