James Mackey scores big WCOOP win at PokerStars

James Mackey
James Mackey, mig.com, won WCOOP Event 14.

James Mackey won a gold bracelet at the WSOP this summer. Now he is a WCOOP champion as well, winning Event 14 and taking home the first prize of $580,212.50.

The $1,050 No-Limit Hold'em tournament had the third-biggest prize pool in PokerStars history, and James Mackey, playing under the nickname mig.com, wanted as much as possible of that money. He refused to make a deal and was full of confidence at the final table.

Mackey had some trouble along the way, but managed to take command of the WCOOP event in a rather strange hand, ending up all-in pre-flop holding A-K against player ephman's A-Q.

Both players had deep stacks at the time, and after winning the huge $30 million pot, mig.com was able to dominate play even more with his aggressive style.

When it was time for heads-up play for the title against player chulwoo, Mackey had a 3-2 chip lead. The difference in prize money between first and second place was almost $300,000, making the final battle a truly nerve-racking one.

chulwoo made the decisive mistake when he re-raised all-in on the turn when the board showed 6c-Qh-8c-4s. Mackey called holding 5h-7h for the nut straight, while chulwoo showed K-2 for an absolute bluff.

Mackey won the tournament, a WCOOP bracelet and $580,212.50 in prize money. chulwoo received $292,932.50 for his second place.

Final-table results:

Place Name Country Prize
1st mig.com United States $580,212.50
2nd chulwoo   $292,932.50
3rd Trickybstrd Canada $210,472.50
4th ephman United States $166,250
5th saphire1 United States $130,340
6th jochen8 Sweden $96,425
7th Kenny Rap United States $69,825
8th tralaira Spain $43,890
9th UWillSuckOut United States $25,935

Note: James Mackey won $730,740 in Event 22, $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em at the 2007 World Series of Poker.

WCOOP Event 15, $320 Seven-Card Stud has been decided as well. Player Ubsolute from Ireland won the tournament and $25,000 in prize money.

Final-table results (based on finishing order and a six-way deal that left $6,000 for first place):

Place Name Country Prize
1st Ubsolute Ireland $25,000
2nd sascos United States $19,902
3rd Dersu Uzala Finland $22,360
4th spielraum.at Austria $19,805
5th Grape United States $21,011
6th Lystig Norway $18,828
7th bull_99 Netherlands $6,096.96
8th scrubbyz Canada $3,967.20
9th Randers United States $2,088

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