Jacob Now Two-Time Jeopardy! Champ, Up to $49,600

Alex Jacob
Jacob making stir on Jeopardy!

Former poker player Alex Jacob continued his successful run on Jeopardy! last night with another runaway victory.

He's now a two-day champ and has bumped his earnings up to $49,600. He'll be back again Tuesday night to defend his title.

Both his wins have come in fairly dominating fashion with Jacob entering Final Jeopardy! with an insurmountable lead.

He's missed both Final Jeopardy! questions but bet zero dollars each time to preserve his win.

He's also inspired plenty of discussion about his Game Theory-inspired tactics and a few nods to his poker background.

Jacob Echoes Chu, Famed Jeopardy "Villain"

Alex Jacob

The general response to Jacob's run has been plenty of support from both former friends in poker and the general public.

Still, he's had his detractors.

Much like 11-time Jeopardy! champ Arthur Chu, also an online poker player who made waves last year with a Game Theory approach to the game, Jacob has created a bit of a stir with the GTO style.

Rather than the tried-and-true Jeopardy! style of picking a category and working down the board to the highest-value question, Jacob bounces around the board picking higher-value questions first to find the Daily Doubles.

When he finds them, he's bets everything. Much like it did for Chu it's worked for Jacob as he's stretched his lead out enough to cruise into Final Jeopardy!

Jacob is of course best known in poker for winning the 2006 United States Poker Championships. His career live earnings are over $2.6m.

Now a currency trader in Chicago you can follow Jacob on Twitter @whoisalexjacob. Full episode from last night below:

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horsey head 2016-08-12 21:31:27

I have a mad crush on Alex!

shirley 2015-04-14 17:13:09

there was question about 2 presidents that changed their names Ford & Clinton, was this their first or last name and what was it before, never heard of this before???

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