Ivey runs bad, loses almost $400k

Phil Ivey

Last night's high-stakes action on Full Tilt went down on the $500/$1,000 Cap Hold'em tables where Phil Ivey lost $377k, $60,000 at a time.

For those of you who don't know, Cap tables only allow each player to bet (or call) a specific amount on any single hand.

Once a player has reached that betting cap, they are treated as if they are all in, regardless of the size of their stack.

At the $500/$1,000 table, the betting cap comes at $30k per player.

In the world of high-stakes gamble-filled action, this translates into dozens of pots getting stuffed to the cap pre-flop.

In a night filled with $60k capped pots, most of which amounted to coin flips, Ivey lost $377k.

Most of the losses came at the hands of online player l Scubba l, who was willing to meet Ivey's pathological gambling needs with reckless aggression and a little gamble of his own. In the end l Scubba l left the tables with a $300k profit.

Below you can watch three of the capped hands, all of which have the recurring theme of Ivey getting shafted. To watch the other two-dozen capped hand replays head to our MarketPulse section.

Ivey was commited.

Suited ace? Cap!

Ivey caught a case of the run-bads.

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