Ivey performs open-wallet surgery

Phil Ivey

Still think poker is just a game of chance? All you have to do is take a look at the 2009 MarketPulse leaderboard to realize that's just not true.

Halfway through the first month of a new year and the MarketPulse standings are already starting to look much like the 2008 ones, with both Tom "durrrr" Dwan and biggest online poker pot of the year so far on Jan 15.

Also known as 21-year-old Finnish poker pro Sami Kelopuro, LarsLuzak is no stranger to being beaten badly by Ivey, as PokerListings ace strategist Daniel Skolovy reports online poker losers list, with $425,851 in losses.

Keep an eye on MarketPulse to see if Ivey just turns around and gives up all those winnings up to durrrr as the month marches on. If you'd like to take on some poker action yourself where Ivey likes to play, head to Full Tilt Poker.

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