Ivey Crushes, Hellmuth Falls on Day 2c of 2014 Main Event

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey

Who better to lead the biggest poker tournament in the world than the world’s best poker player?

Phil Ivey somehow managed to distance himself from a pack of thousands to end with 505,000 chips. It’s the best Day 2 Ivey has ever had at the WSOP.

Out of the 2,571 players who started Day 2c about 1,400 players made it through to Day 2.

Isaac Baron, Griffin Benger, Scott Palmer and John Hennigan all made it through the day with considerable stacks.

Hansen, Hellmuth Hit the Rail

Phil Hellmuth

There were plenty of eliminations on Day 2c including Gus Hansen, Gerard Pique, Andreas Hoivold, Ebony Kenney, Dutch Boyd and Joe Hachem.

While poker icons Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu survived to Day 3, the poker gods were not as kind to Phil Hellmuth. The Poker Brat made a few ill-timed bluffs and quickly found himself on the rail.

Hellmuth probably won’t look back on this WSOP too fondly considering he didn’t win a bracelet but he did manage to cash an impressive seven times.

Meanwhile Daniel Negreanu had a terrible last level and will limp into Day 3 with only 40,000.

Tomorrow marks the first time that all the players in the 2014 Main Event will be under the same roof with the 817 players from Day 2a/b returning to combine with everyone who made it through Day 2c.

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Here are the top 10 chip counts to end Day 2c courtesy of WSOP.com:

  • Phil Ivey - 505,000
  • Raul Mestre - 477,900
  • Michael Aron - 468,000
  • Peter Neff - 389,200
  • Isaac Baron - 387,200
  • Steve Tripp - 380,400
  • Horacio Chaves Cortes - 350,300
  • John Hennigan - 342,700
  • Jeff Cox - 332,700
  • Anders Fellstrom - 328,400
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