Ivey Books $200k Weekend

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey

Despite some trouble with Jungleman12, Phil Ivey was able to add $199,965 to his bankroll this weekend.

Ivey, who at this point is considered the most consistent online poker winner of all time, kicked off his weekend by playing $2,000/$4,000 Limit Hold'em against IHateJuice for about 200 hands.

The Team Full Tilt pro actually lost about $31,037 but then turned his attention to $500/$1,000 Cap No-Limit Hold'em where he was able to post a huge win against riyyc225.

riyyc225, has yet to be identified, but he did raise some eyebrows this summer when he won $404k on Full Tilt Poker in July.

It didn't help him in this match as they played 227 hands and Ivey hammered him to a $190,020 loss.

Ivey then went on to play 40 hands of full-ring $500/$1,000 Cap No-Limit Hold'em where he won $68,216 and then 106 hands of heads-up $500/$1,000 Cap No-Limit Hold'em against ginette22 where he added $47,770.

Ivey finally seemed to find his match in the last session of the evening when he took on Jungleman12 at $500/$1,000 No-Limit Hold'em.

The pair played only 27 hands but the still unknown Jungleman12 was able to extract $100k in profit from Ivey thanks to a couple huge pots. At that point Ivey decided to take his $200k in profit and call it a night.

With the win Ivey moved up to $2.6 million profit online for the year. He's still chasing Tom "durrrr" Dwan who is up $3.9 million in 2010.

Below are some of the biggest pots over the weekend. For more hand replays head to our online poker stats page.


Welcome to the jungle!



Jungleman12 takes another pot off Ivey.

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