It's a wondurrrr-ful life

Tom Dwan

The boy wondurrrr is back at it, dominating the poker world. Seriously, don't the other players get tired of getting robbed of their roles by Tom Dwan?

It seems that every time PokerListings editors assign a story about online action, the headline is Tom "durrrr" Dwan.  The top four largest pots of the day all include durrrr. Just from these four pots, he's up over $860,000 in total pot size.

Not only was this pot the largest of the day at the time we checked, but it also happens to have durrrr as the winner. At the conclusion of this pot durrrr is yet again sitting at a nosebleed table with well over $1 million in play.

This pot is one-third setup, one-third well-played and one-third suck-out: all in all, a pretty standard nosebleed pot.

Click play to watch the hand play out, or read the history below.


Game: $500/$1,000 - Omaha: Table: Hansen Hangout: Players: Sirens, ahtata, MarketPulse section to keep an eye on the action.


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