Israeli judge rules in Victor Chandler case

A judge in Israel has ruled a foreign company operating an online gambling site, regardless of its home jurisdiction, is breaking the law if it does not block access to Israeli users.

Israeli business publication Globes Online is reporting the precedent-setting ruling was delivered yesterday in the case of Victor Chandler CEO Michael Carlton.

Carlton is a British citizen who resides in Gibraltar, but was detained during a visit to Israel on suspicion of organizing and managing illegal gambling in Israel.

Victor Chandler is an online gambling company that has a Hebrew-language Web page, and the judged ruled that regardless of where its servers sit, it is violating the law in Israel.

"In the era of the Internet," Heiman was quoted as saying in Globes, "the original location of content (Internet services) is marginal and negligible. The center of gravity, especially the territorial legal jurisdiction, must switch to the end point, in other words, the individual computer."

He went on to rule Victor Chandler at the very least violated laws banning the advertising of illegal gambling, and specifically targeted Israeli users with Hebrew-language content and offers to bet on Israeli sports teams.

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