Isildur1 Sends Negreanu Home Early

Viktor Blom
To the Viktor go the spoils.

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom dominated Daniel Negreanu in the first round of their SuperStar Showdown match on PokerStars Sunday, taking all of KidPoker's $150,000 in just four hours and less than 1,500 hands.

The plan was for the two to four-table $50/$100 No-Limit Hold'em over 2,500 hands last night, then bring the balances back a week later for another 2,500 hands with each player limited to a $150,000 bankroll.

But after a session in which it appeared the young Swede hit every card he needed no matter how good Negreanu got it in, the veteran Canadian's night ended earlier than expected and he will have to reload another $150,000 when they face off again next Sunday.

Things got off to a bad start for Negreanu when Blom found a two-outer on the river to make a boat and crack his bigger two pair in the first big $20k+ pot. Isildur1 dragged another one moments later when they both flopped top pair but he had the better kicker.

After flopping top pair again, Negreanu waited until the turn to shove, but quickly found out Blom had turned a straight and before they had even put a real dent into the planned 2,500 hands, Negreanu was chasing $30k in losses.

Negreanu turned to bluffing next, shoving with a busted flush draw only to find Blom holding the goods in the form of a queen-high straight.

He flopped two pair a few hands later, but Blom held middle pair and a flush draw and when the money went in, Blom made the flush on the turn to drag a $28,700 pot.

Soon after, Negreanu's pocket tens were laid to waste when Blom flopped a wheel and even when he rivered trip jacks, Negreanu found Blom with a better kicker.

The pattern continued when Negreanu turned a jack-high flush, but Blom had the nut flush, then he turned big slick into top pair only to see Blom make another flush and finally, even when Negreanu flopped top pair and turned trips, Blom rivered yet another flush to collect a $25,604 pot.

"Pretty sick run," Negreanu wrote in the chatbox.

"Yeah it's just sick," replied Blom. "I hit nuts all session long."

"That makes it easy :-)," Negreanu wrote.

"Yep hehe," added Blom.

In the final hand of the session, Negreanu got it in dominated with king-jack versus ace-king, and although a jack on the flop appeared to bail him out, once again the online poker phenom found the card he needed when a queen on the turn helped him make a straight and finally bust Negreanu just four hours and 1,439 hands in.

The second match in the Isildur1/KidPoker SuperStar Showdown will go off March 27 at 3 p.m. ET on PokerStars.

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