Isildur1 vs. Hastings Round Two

Isildur1 blacked out
Isildur1: Identity still unknown.

For the first time since their controversial $4.2 million dollar heads-up match, Brian Hastings and Isildur1 sat for a second round of $300/$600 Pot-Limit Omaha yesterday.

The previous match between Hastings and Isildur1 went down Dec. 8, with Hastings making an astounding $4.2 million, in part thanks to an in-depth hand-history analysis by Brian Townsend derived from the combined Full Tilt histories of Townsend, Hastings and Cole South.

The record-setting session appeared to leave the unknown Swede in a state of disrepair.

However, after almost two months of grinding lower stakes games, Isildur1 returned to the high-stakes scene Monday, making over $806k to kick-start his comeback.

In typical Isildur1 style, he returned to put his profits back into play yesterday, commencing what appears to be a second run at the online poker leader boards.

Isildur1 started his night by playing 625 hands of $200/$400 PLO against Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies, making over $116k.

Sahamies went on to lose a total of $266,926 for the night.

Up next for Isildur1 was four tables of Six-Max $300/$600 PLO against Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Di "Urindanger" Dang and Jani Vilmunen. After making another $247k in 639 hands, Isildur1 was ready for his rematch with Hastings.

Hastings and Isildur1 took seats at six tables of heads-up $300/$600 PLO setting the stage for round two of what might be the biggest grudge-match in online poker history.

After 926 hands, Isildur1 had grabbed an ounce of redemption, taking apart the CardRunners pro to the tune of $504,987.

With the $504k from Hastings added to his total for the day, Isildur1 finished the day up $869k.

His comeback now in full swing after back-to-back $800k+ days, Isildur1 has moved into fourth place for profit in 2010 with over $1.4 million.

Below are three of the largest pots from yesterday's battle between Isildur1 and Hastings. To see more hands from the day head to MarketPulse.


A small suckout for the Swede.



No heart, no seven.



Isildur1 holds.

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