Isildur1 Strikes Back for $136k

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom returned to the high stakes online tables after a disastrous weekend to record a $136k profit last night.

The $100/$200 Six-Max PLO games were once again firing last night and Blom took advantage by recording 2,208 hands.

His opponents rotated over the evening but Ilari Sahamies, Jeans89, Niki “RealAndyBeal” Jedlicka and Rafi Amit were all part of the action at certain points.

Isildur1 won the biggest pot of the night – a $126k monster – when he turned a flush against Sahamies and Amit.

The night was a stark contrast to this weekend where Blom was up over $500k and then went on to lose all his profit and more to Phil Galfond.

This time around Galfond was nowhere to be found and Isildur1 finally finished his night $136k in profit. Despite his troubles over the weekend Isildur1 is now up over $550k this year.

Renowned for his crazy swings, the past two weeks have been the first period of time this year Isildur1 was able to consistently stay in the black.

Isildur1 was not the biggest winner of the night, however, as the resurgent Phil “takechip” D’Auteuil blasted his way to $226k in profit.

The Canadian has been red hot this week and is up over $400k on PokerStars in that time span.

Some of the other big winners this weekend included tr1cky7 (+$39k), hotmark777 (+$34k) and RealAndyBeal (+$34k).

Meanwhile Rafi “refaelamit” Amit took the worst of it by losing $100k on PokerStars. Widely considered to be one of the better PLO players in the world, Amit simply could not get anything going last night.

Ben “Ben86” Tollerene was also battered last night when he recorded 2,393 hands of PLO and No-Limit Hold’em. Ben86 ended up losing a total of $98k.

The other notable players in the loser’s column included Flufferd (-$61k), 1-ronnyr3 (-$52k) and Terken89 (-$51k).

For more information on the high stakes games from last night be sure to check our online poker stats section.

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