Isildur1 Drops $168k Heads-up

Viktor Blom
Viktor Blom, widely rumored to be Isildur1.

Isildur1, the most famous unknown player in the world, booked a $168k loss on Full Tilt yesterday after losing a massive heads-up session against URnotINdanger2.

Isildur1's day began with losing just over $1k from 38 hands of $25/$50 Pot-Limit Omaha. After making back $333 at a $25/$50 Cap PLO game he sat with unkown player humpybfly for a short 79-hand heads-up $50/$100 Cap PLO session.

Having lost almost $28k to humpybfly, and another $319 from 12 hands of $25/$50 PLO, Isildur1 sat for his main event of the evening: A $100/$200 Heads-up No-Limit Hold'em grudge match against URnotINdanger2.

The match took place on 12 tables with as many as eight being in play at the same time. Over the three-hour match, the two booked 2,402 hands with the largest pot coming in at $55,797.

In the end, URnotINdanger2 left the session up $112,218.

Isildur1 stuck around for another 25 minutes after the heads-up match had seen its last hand, jumping up in limits to $200/$400, only to lose an additional $26k.

When the unknown Swede finally logged off for the night, he had lost a total of $168,540, keeping him at around even for the year and down approximately $2 million since he first showed up on the high-stakes scene in 2009.

Meanwhile, Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies and Full Tilt pro Patrik Antonius sat for two hours of heads-up $500/$1,000 PLO, where they booked 221 hands and played the largest pot of the day worth $254,947.

In the end, Sahamies made off with $132,438 of Antonius' money, a welcomed win after his $360k loss the night before.

Below are three of yesterday's largest pots. More hand replays and online stats can be found in our online poker stats page.


A heads-up setup.



That's a lot of red cards.



An even worse set-up.

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