Isildur1 Draws First Blood in $1 Million SuperStar Showdown

Viktor Blom
Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom took a $281k lead on Isaac Haxton in the first two sessions of the $1 million SuperStar Showdown this weekend.

The poker world had been waiting for the massive showdown on PokerStars with bated breath as Haxton is the only player to have won money from Blom in his 10 previous matches against professional players.

The biggest SuperStar Showdown ever began at 1 p.m. ET on Saturday with the two pros plowing their way through a four-hour 1,901-hand No-Limit Hold’em session.

In the first hour it appeared Haxton would continue his winning ways against Blom as he quickly jumped to a $44k lead.

During the second hour Blom fought his way out of the hole but then traded the lead back and forth several times. Blom appeared to be pulling away but Haxton won a huge coin flip with pocket fives against Ace-Queen to bring them back to even.

The flip seemed to inspire Blom as he owned the third hour and finished with a $100k lead on Haxton.

Blom built on that lead in the final hour of the session as Haxton had trouble getting much going.

Haxton did get some luck in one of the final few hands of the session when he flopped top set with his pair of kings. Blom made an ill-timed shove with a busted flush draw and Haxton called to win an $88k pot.

Blom finished with a $198k lead after the first four hours of the $1 Million SuperStar Showdown were complete.

Isaac Haxton
Isaac Haxton

Round 2: Viktor Blom Keeps the Pressure On

Isildur1 had a legitimate shot at winning the $1 Million SuperStar Showdown in the second session but Haxton staged a late comeback to survive another day.

The second session of the $1 Million SuperStar Showdown began at 1 p.m. on Sunday and the pair made it through another 1,733 hands in four hours of action.

The first hour of the session proved disastrous for Haxton as Blom solidified his lead. After 60 minutes of play, Blom hit $825k overall and Haxton slipped into dangerous territory with only $175k left behind.

Fortunately for Haxton his luck turned over the next hour and he managed to close the gap considerably. Near the end of the hour Haxton won massive $148k pot with two-pair against Isildur1 and his top pair to reduce the Swede’s lead to $85,000.

The players treaded water for most of hour three as Haxton managed to keep Isildur1 from further cementing his lead but the final hour more than made up for one hour of inactivity.

Isildur1 was on fire and after winning for the better part of an hour had Haxton on the ropes with a $382k lead.

It was in the final 15 minutes that Haxton won an absolutely pivotal coin flip avoid a likely defeat.

With little over $100k left, Haxton played a $75,000-pot with pocket tens against Blom’s Ace-Queen. The dimes held up and Haxton was back in the game.

By the time four hours expired, Haxton had battled his way back to $218k and Blom had to postpone his plans for victory. Blom still has a massive $281k-lead but may come to regret not finishing Haxton when he had the chance.

Action resumes at 1 p.m. Monday as Blom attempts to finish the job.

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